You want to do business in Bali?

Warning! Reading this post will maybe save you thousands of dollars, lots of time and stress. If you do business with wrong people, they will try to trick you, delay things, charge you 5-times more than others and at the end they will steal your money.

This is a story about a “famous lawyer” from Bali (Indonesia), Suriantama Nasution (Mr. Rian) and his way of doing business.


Suriantama Nasution

The official websites of “famous and well respected” lawyer are here:

Story is being written.
It will be published on Nov 30, 2021.

Coming up:

  • Introduction – “I am a well respected lawyer”
  • Registering a company (payment to notary)
  • Opening a bank account
  • Asking to deposit capital to his personal account
  • Cancelling future tasks
  • Keeping the client’s money
  • Promise to return money in September 2021
  • Money still not returned (November 2021)
  • New facts: Hiding, Owning money to clients, Lawyers association, etc.

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